Industry Focused SaaS Website Solutions

MantaRay provides complete website solutions for your market verticals. Seamlessly deployed, automated, managed, scalable, and secure – MantaRay’s custom website solutions add long term value and monetization to your existing and future customers.

Deliver Amazing Websites

Provide beautiful, responsive websites with functionality specific to your vertical.


Websites are automatically deployed for your customers.


We make sure the servers stay running and the software is updated.


Resources scale for your customers and ManaRay can grow with you.


Daily backups and 24/7 monitoring for you and your customers!

What Is MantaRay?

MantaRay is an industry specific website delivery system. We provide the hosting infrastructure, deployment, website builder and custom templates for any vertical. Give your customers a perfect website solution for their needs, and collect a recurring monthly fee.

MantaRay is a value-add for any industry focused business with customers in need of a website.

Who Uses MantaRay?

Have you ever wanted to provide your customers with a custom website builder and management system specific to their needs? Well, MantaRay was developed for you.

Domain registrars, consultants, organizations, franchises, hosting companies, telecoms, community managers, and many other savvy businesses choose MantaRay to extend and enhance their value proposition to customers.

Why Choose MantaRay?

While there are many website solutions available, most cast a wide net in a one-size-fits-all approach to acquiring customers. Those solutions might be great for simple websites without any custom functionality. However, what happens if your customers need something more? They are left to their own devices of hiring an agency or developer — often costing them thousands of dollars. This is where MantaRay comes in.

We provide your customers with the website solution they need. Our innovative new Rapid Prototype Templating System provides the uniformity and upgradeability of a battle tested CMS, and the customizability of a bespoke application. Your customers get the best of both worlds — a product that makes an impact today, with technology for the long haul.